Pricing Research

Pricing research identifies price points that maximise both product adoption and profit margins.

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What We Do

We test pricing through surveys assessing perceived value, price sensitivity, and willingness-to-pay. Advanced modelling analyses how price impacts predicted trial and purchase intent across segments.

Results size price elasticity, optimise price-pack architecture, and indicate thresholds triggering substitution. This maximises revenue while avoiding sticker shock.

Optimised pricing strategies are validated through behavioural modelling of anticipated purchase rates. We continue testing price perceptions and elasticity post-launch, leveraging sales data to calibrate models predicting purchase rates at various prices. The end goal is a pricing strategy grounded in consumer value perception while delivering profit upside.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Consumer value based

Research identifies optimal prices aligned to product positioning and value delivered.

Revenue optimisation

Modelling determines pricing scenarios that maximise both adoption and profitability.

Reflects segmentation

Analysis indicates pricing variation tolerances across identified consumer cohorts.

Post-launch tracking

Ongoing research calibrates models predicting sales velocity across price ladders based on actual response.

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