Food & Beverage

Like a carefully paired wine and cheese, we complement your brand's unique flavour profile with insights that leave consumers hungry for more.

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What We Do

In the dynamic food and beverage industry, standing out on crowded shelves starts with understanding consumer appetites. Our research carb-loads brands with intelligence to satisfy changing tastes and nourish growth.

Our Services

Brand Architecture

Optimize brand portfolios and architecture strategies to clarify brand roles, facilitate appropriate extensions, and own category spaces. Optimize your portfolio architecture for maximum appetite appeal.



Concept Screening

Test alternative product concepts, formulations, and naming approaches through predictive simulations and multi-prong evaluation frameworks. Quantitative modelling and simulated use tests ensure your product has mass appeal while optimising sensory delight.


Pinpoint motivations across both established and evolving consumer cohorts through needs-based segmentation. Uncover differentiation opportunities via tailored value propositions.



Motivation Research

By embedding in shoppers' homes and routines, we uncover insights around meal planning, snacking occasions, ingredient preferences, and preparation friction points. This richness informs positioning, product development, and customer journey mapping.

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