Packaging Optimisation

Packaging optimisation is crucial for on-shelf differentiation.

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What We Do

Our research identifies the strongest combination of branding, imagery, colours, messaging, and structural formats to capture consumer attention. We test both facings and 3D packaging prototypes with shopper surveys and virtual shelf simulations.

Results inform structural design evolution, graphic layouts, branding, and messaging refinement. Optimised packaging enhances discoverability, communicates uniqueness, and drives purchase conversion. Compliance checks confirm regulatory requirements. We continue testing through in-market validation of shelf presence and shopper response post-launch. The goal is packaging that builds brand equity and maximizes sales velocity.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Research identifies optimal shape, format, imagery, and messaging to capture attention.

Enhances branding

Testing ensures packaging instantly communicates the brand promise and positioning.

Informs messaging

Analysis determines which benefits and claims resonate and promote action.

Drives conversion

Simulated shopping and eye tracking quantify on-shelf visibility and choice drivers.

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