Concept Screening

Concept screening allows us to rapidly validate early-stage innovation ideas before major development investments.

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What We Do

We test rough concepts with target consumers using basic stimuli like verbal descriptions, storyboards, animations, or primitive prototypes.

Analysis sizes the potential of each concept and identifies the most promising to advance. Modelling techniques like Max Diff analyse feature preferences to inform conceptual designs. This provides directional input on industrial design, aesthetics, benefits, and potential claims to guide prototyping. Content analysis of open-ends reveals drawbacks and concerns to address through refinement.

Early screening eliminates flawed assumptions and costly missteps before sinking resources into concepts lacking appeal. Quick-turn screening research in days or weeks versus months accelerates innovation cycles. Prioritising the winning ideas to advance de-risks innovation portfolios and allocates development resources optimally.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Accelerates innovation

Rapid testing offers directional refinement input without prolonged research cycles.

Minimizes risk

Early screening identifies concepts not resonating before major investments are made.

Informs optimisation

Analysis provides guidance on refining designs, features, and messaging to maximise appeal.

Prioritises pipeline

Sizing concept potential focuses resources only on those most likely to succeed.

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