Product Development

Launching successful new products starts with consumer validation at every stage.

Product Development 6

What We Do

Launching successful new products starts with consumer validation at every stage. Our product testing solutions enable brands to optimise and de-risk innovation through rapid prototyping and concept validation. Capabilities span concept screening, UX/XD Research, prototype refinement, claims testing, packaging optimisation, pricing studies, and in-market testing.

We design simulated use tests, sensory analysis, and quantitative surveys to evaluate reaction. For example, early-stage concepts can be tested via animations or basic prototypes to assess appeal, while finished products may require in-home placement tests to confirm messaging and usage. We identify optimal testing approaches based on client goals, development stage, and method investment levels.

Analytics and modelling distill results into clear guidance. We size markets, evaluate distinctiveness, and predict choice likelihood to inform design and positioning. For commercialization, our research validates launch strategies from pricing to shelf placement. Ongoing tracking continues post-launch to optimise products in-market. The end goal is de-risking innovation and driving uptake through human-centric testing at every step.

Ways We Make a

Bespoke research design

We custom-design quantitative studies and qual techniques optimised to address clients' specific objectives and move decisions forward.



Advanced analytics

Our data scientists derive hidden insights through techniques like predictive modelling, Max Diff, and multivariate analysis.


Tools like conversational surveys, programmatic sampling, and reporting APIs deliver insights at the speed and scale required.



Strategic guidance

We go beyond reporting data to provide analysis, recommendations, and Strategic guidance based on research implications.

Common Questions
We Answer

Does my product deliver functionally against consumer needs and jobs-to-be-done?

How appealing is my new product concept to target consumers compared to competitive offerings or substitutes?

Which features and attributes of our proposed product design are most important in driving consumer preference and choice?

Which product enhancements or simplifications would improve repurchase intent among target segments?