Concept Testing

Concept testing allows brands to validate new product ideas with target consumers early in innovation processes.

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What We Do

We design simulated use tests and quantitative surveys to assess reactions to concepts. Stimuli may range from basic descriptions to animations, 3D renderings, prototypes, and working models depending on the development stage.

We identify the optimal combination of features or attributes based on consumer preferences. Descriptive analytics size appeal and identify concerns to address in refinement. Predictive analytics like choice modelling quantify preference share versus competitive and existing offerings. This indicates likely purchase intent prior to launch.

Ongoing optimisation research then iteratively refines concepts to maximise uniqueness and appeal. We identify the claims, positioning, features, and designs that resonate most strongly. This results in innovation grounded in consumer needs from the start, minimising risk and reducing time-to-market.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Derisks innovation

Early testing spots flawed assumptions or concepts not addressing consumer needs before major investments.

Design optimization

Analysis identifies the feature combinations and designs highest in appeal and uniqueness.

Simulates marketplace

Modelling predicts share-of-preference based on quantitative concept ratings.

Iterative refinement

Ongoing optimisation research fine-tunes concepts to maximise appeal and deliver commercial success.

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