Market intelligence

Informing strategies through essential qualitative and quantitative insights about consumers.

Market Intelligence 4

What We Do

Market intelligence provides the qualitative and quantitative consumer insights companies need to make strategic decisions with confidence. Our market research solutions leverage proven sampling, survey design, data collection and analysis techniques to illuminate market dynamics, consumer behaviours, and brand performance. Capabilities span usage & attitude surveys, customer satisfaction, user journey mapping, segmentation, and more.

We tailor research and analysis to each client's specific objectives and decisions. For example, new product development may require an exploratory survey on feature preferences followed by concept testing, while brand tracking requires ongoing touchpoints to gauge key metrics over time. We determine optimal research approaches considering factors like audience accessibility, timeframes, and cost. With scale and automated tools integrated with human insight, we deliver intelligence at the cadence needed.

Across studies, our focus is on actionable insights - not just data delivery. We contextualise findings, draw connections to business issues, provide recommendations, and partner on strategies rooted in the research. The end goal is empowering clients with intelligence to make their next moves with confidence.

Ways We Make a

Bespoke research design

We custom-design quantitative studies and qual techniques optimised to address clients' specific objectives and move decisions forward.



Advanced analytics

Our data scientists derive hidden insights through techniques like predictive modelling, Max Diff, and multivariate analysis.


Tools like conversational surveys, programmatic sampling, and reporting APIs deliver insights at the speed and scale required.



Strategic guidance

We go beyond reporting data to provide analysis, recommendations, and Strategic guidance based on research implications.

Common Questions
We Answer

What product features or attributes are most important to target customers when making a purchase decision?

What barriers prevent prospective customers from purchasing my product?

How do perceptions, usage, and preferences differ across customer segments?

How satisfied are customers with my company's product quality, customer service, pricing, etc.?