Segmentation analysis allows brands to divide audiences into groups with common needs, behaviours, and attitudes.

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Our segmentation approaches leverage multivariate statistical modelling of data to identify segments empirically based on attitudes driving behaviour.

Segment profiles allow brands to craft tailored strategies. For example, marketing messaging and media mix can be adapted based on the motivations of each group. Journey mapping may reveal distinct paths and pain points. The focus is on actions to improve targeting and orchestration of touchpoints to address the unique needs of high-value customer segments.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Our segmentation highlights groups united by shared needs, values and behaviours versus simplistic demographics.

Drives personalisation

Segments allow brands to craft differentiated experiences and messaging tailored to the priorities of each group.

Informs strategy

Segment direction reveals gaps in-successfully targeting and engaging high-priority groups.

Predictive power

Statistical modelling creates segments with validated attitudinal differences predictive of behaviour.

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