Claims Testing

Claims testing allows us to optimise marketing claims and messaging that highlight key product features, benefits, and points of differentiation.

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What We Do

Through surveys, we assess how compelling and believable consumers find proposed claims and creative executions. This maximises promotional impact.

Our approach gathers open-ended feedback on message clarity, relevance, and credibility for qualitative analysis. Quantitatively, we optimise through techniques like Max Diff to identify top-performing claims, or conjoint analysis to determine optimal claim combinations.

Optimised claims directly inform brand positioning, packaging, and advertising. We validate descriptions, icons, imagery, demonstrability tactics, and experiential retail concepts that bring selected claims to life. Message refinement continues through in-market testing of marketing campaigns and activations. The end result is promotional messaging with proven influence on consumer choice and consideration.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Message resonance

Optimised claims highlight tangible benefits clearly linked to consumer needs, interests, and category truths.


Assessing credibility ensures claims avoid overstatement while supporting differentiation.

Message testing

Surveys evaluate proposed creative executions in bringing optimised claims to life.

In-market validation

Ongoing testing refines messaging as part of holistic campaign measurement and optimisation.

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