Beauty & Personal Care

We put the human back in the beauty business, ensuring your brand has model allure.

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What We Do

In an appearance driven world, beauty brands rely on our insights to stay relevant, deliver transformations, and connect with consumers' innermost aspirations.

Our Solutions

Need State Analysis

Assess product claims that create compelling emotional and functional benefits. Test alternative claims to fine-tune language and optimize appeal for targeted demographics.



Packaging Research

Evaluate form and function to enhance in-store and ecommerce shelf presence. Digital modeling gauges visual, haptic and ergonomic elements for intuitive navigation and sustainable solutions.

Pricing Research

Identify value thresholds, drivers of willingness-to-pay and strategic tiers across user segments, geographies and channels. Pricing studies enable premiumization optionality or value message sharpness.



Social Listening

Monitor beauty conversations across social platforms. Analyse trends in product feedback, influencer engagement and community dynamics. Derive actionable strategies to cultivate authentic connections.