Motivation Research

Motivation research allows us to uncover the deeper subconscious triggers that drive consumer behaviours, purchases and brand choice.

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What We Do

We leverage projective techniques and metaphor elicitation exercises rooted in psychology to reveal inner desires and unmet needs consumers may be unable to articulate directly.

This provides a rich foundation for brand positioning and communications development. The motivation exploration process uses indirect prompts and activities designed to allow consumers to project their underlying feelings, aspirations and conflicts. We distill motivational frameworks and models that inform brief development and creative ideation.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Surfaces unarticulated needs

Motivation research provides visibility into subconscious human drivers inaccessible through direct questioning.

Spurs differentiation

The approach identifies distinctive emotional spaces for brands to connect with consumers.

Inspires creative platforms

Motivational models form the core of compelling briefs that inspire creative excellence.

Speeds strategy development

Rich insights are generated without lengthy 1:1 interview processes.

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