Concept Optimisation

Concept optimisation research allows us to refine and finalise innovative products for maximum appeal and uniqueness before launch.

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What We Do

Through ongoing quantitative surveys, we identify the optimal combination of features, positioning, and messaging that resonates most strongly with consumers.

As prototypes are developed, we evaluate iterations with target audiences to guide refinement. Brand linkage assessment ensures products cue the parent brand and category.

Ongoing concept optimisation results in innovation finely tuned to consumer needs and outperforming competitors. This mitigates risk and accelerates launch success. In-market testing may finalize packaging, pricing, shelf placement, and launch strategies for maximized adoption. The end goal is equipping clients to introduce breakthrough products with confidence.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Iterative Optimisation

Continuous research loops rapidly refine concepts prior to launch.


Advanced modelling and TURF analysis optimise appeal and uniqueness.

Demand forecasting

Predictive modeling and choice analysis quantify likely uptake.

Launch readiness

In-market testing finalises commercialisation strategies for accelerated adoption.

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