Survey Design

Proper survey design is crucial for gathering high-quality, actionable data. Our research experts design quantitative surveys tailored to address clients' specific objectives, decisions, and target audiences.

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What We Do

Our segmentation approaches leverage multivariate statistical modelling of data to identify segments empirically based on attitudes driving behaviour.

We determine optimal question types, flow, length, scales, and wording based on the study goals. Surveys may explore awareness, usage, perceptions, preferences, or measure key brand metrics.

Our designers leverage established frameworks for crafting effective questions and scales. For example, brand health metrics will align to proven equity pillars, while product concept tests will utilise techniques like Max Diff to force trade-offs. We design with analysis in mind, ensuring data gathered can be modelled to drive insights. Surveys are refined through piloting to confirm length, comprehension, flow, and completion.

Our focus is on creating an engaging, optimised survey experience while minimising bias. This achieves higher quality responses and completion rates. We balance this with statistical rigour and actionable data. The end result is surveys that capture the insights companies need to make informed decisions and progress opportunities.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


We custom-design each survey based on clients' goals, audiences, and decisions to enable.

Statistical rigour

Our surveys apply proven question design principles and scales to achieve unbiased, analysable data.

Engaging experience

Optimisation through piloting ensures surveys are concise, easy to understand, and interesting for respondents.

High-quality data

Expert design drives completion rates and gathers the accurate responses needed for analysis and modelling.

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