Portfolio Optimisation

For companies managing multiple brands and products, optimising the portfolio is crucial for growth.

Brand Intelligence 7

What We Do

We help streamline portfolios by evaluating brand roles, identifying duplication and "white space", and modelling the revenue potential of different mix scenarios. Advanced analytics quantify cannibalisation effects and upside opportunities to inform decisions on consolidating, extending, or acquiring brands. The goal is an optimised brand portfolio aligned to business strategy.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Increased efficiency

Streamlining portfolios by eliminating duplication improves marketing productivity and ROI.

Revenue growth

Modeling helps reallocate resources to brands and products with the most sales potential.

Innovation guidance

Gap assessment provides direction on where to fill portfolio holes via organic innovation or acquisition.

Stronger brand equities

Pruning portfolios to focus on differentiated brands strengthens their positions and brand equities over time.

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