Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic research allows us to observe consumer behaviours and unarticulated needs in real-world contexts.

Ethnographic Research

What We Do

We embed researchers into target audiences' environments to uncover insights through first-hand immersion and observation.

This provides an authentic view of consumer lives, relationships, rituals, needs and pain points. Key techniques include in-home ethnographies, shop-alongs, mobile video diaries, and virtual ethnographies using webcams or smartphones.

Ethnographic approaches may explore category behaviours, product concept reaction, retail shopping, channel usage and more. The real-world behaviours and tensions revealed spur innovation opportunities and strategies grounded in actual consumer realities versus claimed behaviours.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Observes authentic behaviours

Immersive ethnographies capture real consumer actions rather than relying on what they say.

Identifies unmet needs

Direct observation of behaviours and friction points reveals opportunities better products or experiences could address.

Captures real-life context

Embedding in the audience's environment provides a holistic perspective on category dynamics.

Visually engages clients

Photos, quotes, videos, and day-in-the-life summaries bring insights to life and inspire strategies.

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