Brand Intelligence

Decoding consumers to strategically craft brands that fuel growth.

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What We Do

Brand Intelligence encompasses the strategies, insights, and tools needed to build strong brands that drive business growth.

This includes defining brand purpose and positioning, understanding markets and categories, developing brand architecture and portfolio strategy, tracking brand performance, and measuring brand equity. We combine our brand intelligence with deep expertise and proven solutions to help brands surmount insurmountable obstacles.

Ways We Make a

Comprehensive brand building frameworks:

We have extensively validated brand building frameworks that correlate strongly with sales growth and market share gains. These frameworks guide brands on what drives real equity.



Integrated performance management systems:

We deliver integrated systems that bring together brand tracking, equity measurement, campaign analytics, simulations, and more into one platform. This allows brands to manage performance, identify growth opportunities, and activate strategies.

Expert consulting and guidance:

We provide strategic consulting and actionable recommendations informed by proprietary frameworks, data assets, and experience working with leading brands worldwide. We help brands define purpose, evolve positioning, optimise architecture, and more.



Innovative brand tracking solutions:

With new advanced solutions like AI-powered brand trackers, brands can better monitor performance and detect trends and opportunities earlier. This allows brands to course correct and activate growth strategies with confidence.

Common Questions
We Answer

What are the most important attributes, values and positioning my brand should embody and communicate to better resonate with target consumers?

How strong is loyalty towards our brands? What drivers and touchpoints most enhance retention that we should emphasize and continue innovating in?

How should we evolve or optimise our portfolio architecture and brand hierarchies for improved clarity and synergy across business units?

How efficiently are our marketing investments building brand equity?