Need State Analysis

Need state analysis is a proprietary approach we use to uncover innovation opportunities and evolved brand positioning grounded in consumer needs.

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What We Do

We identify functional, emotional, and social "need states" that exist within a category or consumption occasion.

Next we evaluate where brands are satisfying or missing these needs through qualitative concept testing and statistical modeling. Gaps reveal "white space" for new innovation or areas for brands to sharpen positioning to better meet needs.

The process starts with immersive ethnographic research to observe unmet consumer needs and tensions. We analyze emotional associations tied to the category to identify related need states. A conceptual model mapping brands to need states they fulfill is then quantitatively validated. Modeling sizes the potential of spaces where needs are unmet by current offerings. The end result is a human-centric perspective on gaps representing high-potential innovation growth opportunities.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Spurs innovation

Need state analysis focuses specifically on uncovering the innovation opportunities aligned to customer needs.

Sharpens positioning

The approach identifies how to evolve brand positioning to form deeper connections with target consumers.

Speeds to insight

Need states are quickly surfaced through immersive ethnographies vs. lengthy serial interviews.

Blends qual and quant

The qualitative exploratory process is quantitatively validated to build a robust model for decisions.

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