Measuring brand equity provides critical insights into the strength of brands in the minds of consumers.

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What We Do

Our validated brand equity frameworks quantify brand health and performance on key pillars that drive equity, like differentiation, relevance, and knowledge. This identifies areas to focus investments for improvement. We track equity over time to gauge brand building progress and ROI. Higher equity drives loyalty, advocacy, price premiums, and market share gains.

For valuation, we combine brand equity data with financial analysis to quantify brand value. Our valuation models determine the financial contribution of brand equity on revenues and profits. This is crucial for licensing scenarios, transactions like M&A, litigation, taxation, and accounting. We determine absolute brand value and relative brand contribution. Models flexibly value brands at the parent, portfolio, region, or product line level. Inputs ranging from historic performance to brand strength metrics are modeled to provide data-driven valuation.

Beyond measurement and valuation, we work closely with brands on the strategies and investments to build equity and value over time. Our brand specialists interpret results and provide actionable recommendations. Guidance may cover purpose and positioning refinement, portfolio optimization, innovation opportunities, communication strategies, and customer experiences. The focus is on accelerating value creation through informed brand building.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Track brand building success

Measure brand equity over time to gauge the health and strength of brands relative to competitors and category benchmarks.

Inform investments

Identify focus areas and strategies to strengthen brand equity based on measurement and analysis of gaps and opportunities.

Quantify brand value

Robust valuation models size brand value contributions to support scenarios like licensing deals and M&A activity.

Enable brand building

Guidance from valuation and measurement work is activated into strategies and programs to optimally build brand equity and value.

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