Social Listening

Social listening allows us to analyse conversations happening on social platforms to gain market insights and trends.

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What We Do

We track and analyse social data across various media sources. This provides a pulse on market dynamics, brand associations, and evolving trends.

Our consultants contextualize social data using frameworks to translate signals into actions. For example, social data may be analyzed to size new innovation spaces, evaluate campaign resonance and messaging, benchmark brand health, or track shifting audience interests. The unprompted nature of social data provides authenticity. We blend social listening with survey-based trackers and other data assets to form comprehensive intelligence.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Real-time pulse

Social data provides a real-time barometer of consumer attitudes as conversations unfold.

Audience targeting

Social profiles and posting patterns allow more refined audience segmentation.

Campaign feedback

Social reaction reveals campaign creative resonance, message memorability, and conversation drivers.

Trend identification

Emerging trends, behaviours, and linguistics are spotted early as they diffuse through social spheres.

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