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This notice applies to the use of cookies and other trackers on the Crouss Service (including the Crouss website at (the “Website”) and the Crouss mobile applications), which we refer to collectively as the Crouss Service . For more information about the processing of your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy. 


Cookies are small data files or similar technologies such as web beacons, tracers, pixels or the like (“Cookies”) that a website you visit or application you use may save on your device. They usually include a unique identifier. Cookies may be dropped: (i) by us or by service providers on our behalf, or (ii) by third-party partners. 


We use Cookies to assist with functions such as user authentication, remembering user preferences, understanding how users use the Crouss Service, and managing and tracking the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. We also may include tracking pixels, which are small graphic images, in our email messages, newsletters, and advertisements to determine whether the messages were opened and if the links were clicked. In some cases, as outlined below, third parties may also get the opportunity to set Cookies. Certain Cookies are essential for the Crouss Service to function properly. Other Cookies are not strictly necessary for the operation of the Crouss Service, but allow us, subject to your consent, to personalize content.

This notice provides information about the Cookies found on the Crouss Service, which may change over time, and how to manage your preferences. The following types of Cookies are used on the Crouss Service: 


These Cookies are necessary to enable portions of the Crouss Service and its features to work as intended. For example, we use Cookies to help recognize and remember you when you are logged into the Crouss Service so we can maintain your settings and preferences, such as your language and region or your logged-in state. These Cookies also may help us provide services you have asked for, such as watching a video or commenting on the user forum. These Cookies do not track your browsing activity on non-Crouss websites or applications.

You may disable any of these Cookies as described below; but if you do, various functions of the Crouss Service may be unavailable to you or may not work as intended.


We use Cookies to help us understand how you use the Crouss Service. By providing us with information about how you interact with the Crouss Service, these tools help us learn how to make the Crouss experience even better and customize our communications with you. On the mobile applications, for example, these technologies may collect usage and performance information to help us understand and improve how the Crouss Service performs. On the Website, for example, these technologies can tell us things like how you arrived at the site, if you have visited the site before, how long you stay on the site, and which pages you visit. They also provide us with general information about where in the world you may be located. Finally, we may use marketing automation services. Such services use Cookies to provide us with information on how you interact with the Crouss Service and our marketing emails to help us refine our marketing efforts and provide more relevant information to you. If you do not allow these Cookies, we will not be able to understand how you use the Crouss Service and refine our marketing efforts and provide more relevant information to you.


These Cookies allow us to evaluate some personal aspects of certain users, and to trace specific actions or recurring behavioral patterns in the use of the app in relation to specific, identified or identifiable individuals, so they can be grouped within homogeneous, multi-sized clusters. This enables the company to analyze and predict personal elements, provide users with customized services beyond what’s strictly necessary for the delivery of the service, and sending targeted advertising messages in line with the preferences they express during their in-app activities. These serve to convey behavioral advertising, measure the effectiveness of ads, and customize the services offered in line with the user’s monitored behavior. These Cookies may be placed on the Crouss Service by our third party partners to profile your interests and show you relevant ads.

When you use the Crouss Service through the mobile application, we collect a unique ad tracking identifier (like the Advertising Identifier or “IDFA” on Apple devices and the Google Advertising ID or “AAID” on Android devices) from your device. These identifiers are unique to your device, but you can reset them or limit their use through your device settings, as described below. These identifiers do not contain your name or email address. We use these ad tracking identifiers together with our analytics technologies in order to inform our targeted advertising initiatives.

We use and contract with third-party advertising networks that use Cookies to collect information about your visits to and actions on certain pages of the Website, your use of the Crouss mobile applications, and whether you open certain emails we send you. We do this in order to serve advertisements for relevant Crouss products and services to you and to measure the performance of our messages. 


The Website uses social media features (“Social Features”) provided by companies and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others to enable you to share information with these channels. The Social Features are identified on the Website by display of the companies’ logos.

When you visit a page on the Website that contains Social Features, your browser establishes a direct connection to the applicable social network’s servers. The Social Features inform the social networks what pages you have accessed on the Website, and, if you are logged into the social network, your visit may be logged to your account on that service. For example, if you click the Facebook “Like” button, that information is transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook and stored by them. Even if you are not logged into the social network, and do not click on a Social Feature on the Website, there is still a possibility that a Social Feature can transmit your IP address and cookie information to the operator of the social network.

For information on the purpose and scope of data processing by a social network, as well as your options for protecting your privacy, please review the appropriate social network’s privacy policy. For your convenience, below are links to the most commonly used Social Features you’ll see on the Crouss site.


Google+ and YouTube:



In some situations, the presence or use of a Social Feature, such as a “Like” button, results in the transmission of some of your personal data to the corresponding social network. Any further processing of your personal data collected in this way by the social network is the sole responsibility of the social network. We recommend that you carefully read the general conditions and privacy and cookie policies of these social networks and that you take note of the list of data, the purposes, especially advertising, and the browsing information that they may collect through these buttons.

We are not responsible for the processing of your personal data by these social networks for their own purposes.

If you do not allow these Social Features, you may not be able to share or like content from the Website on social networks.


You may, at any time, give or withdraw your consent to the use of the profiling cookies described above by accessing the cookie consent tool accessible from the Website. You can also configure your browser to accept Cookies, reject Cookies, or notify you when a Cookie is being used. You can find more information about changing your cookie settings on your browser at the following links:




However, if you configure your browser to reject Cookies, you may not be able to use Crouss products or services that require you to sign in or take advantage of all the features of the Crouss Service. In addition, information at the links we’ve provided in this document can help you disable specific Cookies related to website performance and marketing.

You can configure your mobile operating system to limit or prevent the use or tracking of mobile identifiers such as IDFA and AAID by toggling the relevant settings on your mobile device’s settings menu. Mobile identifiers are commonly used to recognise mobile devices in order to provide you with targeted advertising, so disabling mobile identifier tracking may cause you to see ads not in line with your interests.

If you do not want to receive tracking pixels in emails we send you, you will need to disable HTML images in your email client, but that may affect your ability to view images in other email that you receive.

Please visit one of the following resources to learn more about how you can control your cookie settings and ad choices:


If you have any questions about this Cookie Notice, please email us at