Consumer Insights

True customer centricity starts with deep customer understanding.

Consumer Insights 2

What We Do

Our customer insights solutions uncover consumer motivations, needs, pain points, and desires. We distill human truths that reveal innovation opportunities, evolve brands, and transform customer experiences.

We combine consultative qualitative expertise with quantitative data assets, analytics, and technology. For example, we may field in-context ethnographies to reveal unmet needs, then analyse social data to quantify opportunity size and scope. Or need state analysis could inform brand positioning refinement validated through statistical modelling. Our focus is on complementary blending of data, research, and advisory.

Clients get a comprehensive perspective on target audiences, anchored in actual consumer attitudes and behaviours. We identify customer tension points and gain empathy through "day-in-the-life" immersive experiences. In turn transforming human-centric insights into actions that grow customer value.

Ways We Make a

Observing real

We embed within consumer contexts to observe actual behaviours rather than relying on what people say.



Holistic perspective

We combine different data types and qualitative approaches to build comprehensive views of consumer motivations and needs.

Innovation focus

Our techniques like need state analysis specifically aim to uncover whitespace opportunities for innovation.



Scalable qual

We fuse high-touch immersive qual with technology for digital-infused scalable insights.

Common Questions
We Answer

What are the top unmet needs or "pain points" my target customers experience that my product or service could potentially address?

What consumer trends or behaviours are emerging in my category that signal opportunities to innovate and get ahead of competition?

Who are potential micro-segments with specialised needs I could target to expand my customer base?

How price sensitive are my customer segments and what pricing models or tactics would provide the most value?