Brand Purpose and Positioning

Defining a clear brand purpose and positioning is essential to building distinctive and successful brands.

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What We Do

We help companies articulate an authentic purpose and evolve their brand positioning through proven frameworks and consumer-centric insights. This results in brands that inspire loyalty and drive growth.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Uncover core brand associations

Market research techniques allow companies to identify the key associations, attributes, and perceptions that exist for a brand. This reveals what their brand truly stands for in the minds of consumers.

Articulate a resonant purpose

With a deep understanding of consumer motivations and brand perceptions, we can help articulate a brand purpose that authentically resonates with target audiences. A powerful purpose drives employee and consumer engagement.

Evolve differentiated positioning

Analysis of brand image combined with category dynamics provides direction on how brands can sharpen their positioning and stand out from competitors. Evolved positioning better meets consumer needs.

Align touchpoints to position

We provide guidance and frameworks to align touchpoints like communications, packaging, environments, and experiences to bring the core brand position to life. This builds consistency.

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